GYMCARE took its first steps into sharing its passion for fitness with the world in 2003. Gymcare’s beginnings were in the distribution of fitness equipment, holding only a few key brands; however, Gymcare’s portfolio over the years has developed into one encompassing some of the top international sport, health and fitness brands, such as TREK Bikes, Bontrager, SIDI Shoes, ParkTool, FeedBack Sports, SP Gadgets, Hampton Fitness and HOIST Fitness to name a few.

Further to this, Gymcare holds the licencing rights to Vibram, Disney, Emoji, Marvel and Star Wars apparel, making sport and lifestyle fun and accessible for all ages!

Gymcare’s vast network spans out across the private and public sectors which includes several government ministries, large corporate houses, and major retail chains within the UAE as well as GCC.  This network is continually growing with more people getting health and fit conscious, increasing the demand for fitness equipment, apparel and accessories and institutes that cater to these demands.  The growth in demand for a healthier community has only strengthened our reputation in the industry and reinforced our relationships with the brands we represent.

Gymcare are privileged to be able to be ahead of the fitness curve and to be able to be submersed in the industry to help the masses reach their fitness goals.

The Gymcare Team are eager to impart their knowledge with its clientele and are on hand to assist with any queries.  The Team are just as passionate about the brands they represent as the holding supplier companies themselves and echo this passion in their everyday lives.


As part of Gymcare’s mission, we strive to supply our clientele with the best quality sport, health and fitness equipment and apparel, upholding the vision and ideals of the international brands that we represent here in the UAE and GCC.


To continue the first distribution choice in the region by constant growth and improvement, delivering superior products and services.